Payment for the CT BUS tickets by SMS

The telephone number dedicated to tickets procurement by SMS SMS is 7475.
This option is available to all Vodafone, Orange, Telekom and Digi Mobil. The SMS for order is free for Vodafone and Digi Mobil networks, and in Orange and Telekom networks the price is 0.05 Euro + V.A.T.

CT BUS ticketMessage by SMS at the telephone number 7475Tariff
1 trip on one line (valid for one hour)L“line number” (ex: L100* )0.30 Euro + V.A.T.
1 hour – all linesORA0.42 Euro + V.A.T.
1 day (24 hours)ZI1.10 Euro + V.A.T.
7 daysS6 Euro + V.A.T.
* For lines 5-40 and 2-43, the text L540, respectively L243, shall be sent;

CT BUS S.A. Constanța collects the counter value of the tickets and passes in lei, according to the Decision of the Local Council no. 9/2018. The costs associated to the micropayments service, bank fees, as well as other associated taxes and commissions are added to the tickets and passes procured by SMS.

! ATTENTION ! The ticket is procured before getting in the bus. Tickets validity is calculated from the moment the passenger receives the confirmation for the payment by SMS.

The SMS confirming the payment, as well as the code (made of 6 alphanumeric characters) must be shown to the ticket controller, if he/she asks the proof of payment for the trip.

Is a passenger does not receive the SMS confirmation, one shall not consider that he/she has a valid ticket, not he/she is charged by the mobile telephony provider. Also, sending an SMS during control is not accepted.

Advantages of the SMS payment solution:
• payment is instantaneous, without being necessary to go to the ticket and pass office;
• counter value of the purchased ticket shall appear in the next telephone invoice or shall be taken from the initial credit, in case of prepaid telephone cards;
• ticket payment confirmation shall be received directly on the mobile phone within 30 seconds from sending the SMS to 7475.

For additional information or alerting some dysfunctionalities:
- tel. 0241.694.960
- email: