Traseele de Noapte - Suspendate cu 06.11.2020

Estival trips schedule Suspendate pe perioada sezonului rece

Pass and ticket fares


  • One trip ticket 1.50lei
  • Two trips ticket 3.00lei
  • 60 minutes (all lines) 2.00lei
  • 24 hours (all lines) 5.00lei
  • 7 days (all lines) 30.00lei
  • One CiTy Tour trip ticket 3.00 lei
  • All day ticket CiTy Tour (hop on / hop off) 5.00 lei


  • One line - nominated * 55.00lei
  • Two lines - nominated * 80.00lei
  • All lines - nominated * 125.00lei
  • All lines bearer (not nominated) 140.00lei

Payment for the CT BUS tickets by SMS

Send a SMS with text L, ORA, ZI or S, from your mobile phone at the number: 7475 How to pay by SMS - details...

CT BUS trips schedule

Estival trips schedule - from June 16th

Maintenance and repair centres

Bus garage:

The bus maintenance and repair centre has an area of more than 46,000 sqm.; it contains offices, electric workshop, fuel station, repairs hall, painting facility, washing facility, warehouse for materials and parts, storage rooms


The public transportation in Constanța contains 18 routes connecting daily the main areas of the city, as well as the summer routes connecting the Train Station and Mamaia, during the tourist season. The autonomous enterprise has a modern MOT test station, authorised to carry out technical inspections for all types of motor vehicles.

For disabled persons

ramp for disabled persons All buses of R.A.T.C. Constanța are equipped with an access ramp for disabled persons in wheelchairs.
The drivers shall help the disabled persons to get in and out of the bus, if asked to do so.